The origin of the pipes is shrouded in mystery, and one of history’s great ironies is that Scotland was a relative latecomer to this instrument. But Scotland adopted and adapted the pipes to such an extent that by the 1700’s their version of the pipes was banned by the English (along with the kilt and the tartan plaids) as a symbol of Scottish nationalism. The English feared the stirring effect of the pipes on Scottish emotions so much that they considered the pipes an “instrument of war,” not a mere musical instrument! So, for about forty years, the only place where the kilt, the tartans, and the pipes could be found was in the British Army.

The military precision of that era as well as the influence of the British Army African drummers has been carried through to the present day by proud Scottish style pipe bands. The tradition lives on at the Sacramento Scottish Games and Gathering at Woodland where there will be solo drumming, solo piping, and pipe band competitions as well as the stirring massed pipe bands at the closing ceremony both days and pipe band performances for the drum major competition and other ceremonies throughout the weekend.

Announcing the Second Annual Jimmy Brown Memorial Perpetual Drumming Competition at the 138th Anniversary Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Festival.

The Jimmy Brown Memorial Drumming Competition is open to all side drummers. It is a non-sanctioned event open to all grades except professional drummers.

The selections must be between five (5) and ten (10) minutes in duration and accompanied by a piper. Music can be any combination of tunes, i.e. march medley, MSR, or combination thereof.

The winner will receive an engraved tankard and $100. The winner’s name will also be placed upon the perpetual trophy with their corresponding year.

To enter, please send your name, contact information, and band affiliation with the estimated length of time of your performance to Chuck Jamison at

There is no entry fee for this event. If you have already entered a drum contest you may also enter this one.

Entry Forms:
* Piping Solo Entry Form (Word)
* Drumming Solo Entry Form (Word)
* Band Entry Form (Word)

Solo piping and drumming schedule

Note: Pipeband Entries are now open.
2013 Pipe and Drum Band Results at: WUSPBA